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Unique Programs


• Biography Class with Parents

• Classical Literature Class

   with History & English Teachers

• Writing Class for Contests

• Math Class for Contests

• Grade Improvement Program

• Computer Technology Class

• Filmaking and Video Editing

• Art Class/Sketching Skills

Grades 1-8 Programs


• Homework Help

• Mathematics

• Science

• History

• Spanish

• Reading Club

• Writing Program

• English as a Second Language (ESL)

High School Programs


• Intensive SAT Preparation Classes

• Rigorous AP Study Classes

   - Math: Calculus AB, BC, Economics

   - Science: Bio, Chem, Physics, Psychology

   - History: US, World, Government & Politics

   - Language: English, Spanish

• Math Classes:

   - Algebra I, Algebra II

   - Geometry

   - Pre-Calculus

Community Service


Beach Clean-up with Pickup OC


Help at a Food Pantry in Irvine

You can also request more information with this form

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